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Annual Religious Programme at Sāma Stupa – Sri Pāda

Sri Pāda [the Holy Mountain] is revered as one of the places visited by the Buddha during his visits to Sri Lanka. It is believed that during the Buddha’s third visit to Sri Lanka in accordance with an invitation from the ‘King Maniakkika’ of the Nāga clan to settle a dispute, the Buddha received a special invitation from the religion leader  ‘Sūmana Saman’ to visit his abode on the Holy Mountain ‘Sri Pāda’. The Buddha visited his abode blessing him and could print his foot print on the top of the mountain.

Vajrayāna literature speaks about Guru Padmasambhawa in many chronicles, in relation to this Holy mountain. He is a Tantric Buddhist Vajra master from India who gifted Bhutan with Buddhism, and believed to be still live on the top of this Holy mountain by Vajrayāna Buddhists. Precisely, Sri Pāda is venerated by every Buddhist tradition in the world.

‘Peace Pagoda’ or ‘Sāma Stupa’, the first ever stupa built at the foot of this Holy Mountain was built during World War II to inspire world peace. There are scheduled religious events take place annually in relation to this stupa starting from ‘Unduwap Poya’ [Full moon day in the month of December].

Accordingly, the scheduled religious events will be starting this year on the full moon day of December with the participation of thousands of devotees. A ‘pirith’ chanting will be organized following activities by offering dāna to both the Maha Sangha and lay people at the holy premises. Foundation for Buddhist Brotherhood will be hosting this year poya day event with the participation of many Sri Lankan and foreign monks and lay people.

  1. Renovating & painting the stupa.
  • Required quantity of paint
  • Weather shield Paint [brilliant white] – 20 L [cans] X 25

(25  x 75,600 = 1,890,000)

  • Sky Blue paint – 20 L [cans] X 2

(2 x 56,500 = 113,000)

  • From December 15th to 23rd


  1. ‘Pirith’ Chanting

Preparing the ‘Pirith Mandapaya’ [ceremonial tent] , providing the necessities , serving the monks who participate in the chanting [food, transport and offerings]


  1. Dana for lay people who observe eight precept



  • Gilampasa


  • Hil dana
  • Mid day Dana
  • Gilampasa


  • Hil dana
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