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R / Sarasavi Vidyalaya is a secondary school in the Rathnapura Education Zone in Sri Lanka. This school is situated near Rathnapura Alupotha main road. It has been a major concern of the teachers and the parents that this school has no secure fence around it. The safety of the children is threatened by this. School property is also unsafe as anybody can set feet on the school premises after school. Children’s and teachers’ washrooms are dilapidated because outside people use them after school. Children got to hassle every morning to clean them.

Recently, a gang of robbers entered the school premises and took some valuable properties of the school. The school administration has filed a complaint at Rathnapura police station against this.

The Parents of Sarasavi Vidyalaya are unable to afford their own children’s expenditures. Teachers help most of the children with their needs.

We kindly request your assistance in building a safety fence around the premises of Sarasavi Vidyalaya. Even a small-scale contribution to this project would be a big meritorious deed in ‘samsara’ for helping an underprivileged group of children.

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