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Hosel Rinpoche Meditation Retreat

It has been Rinpoche’s ardent wish since long to build a Monastery with a Retreat Center at “Sri Pada” the holy land where Vajrayana revived. At this centre, Rinpoche says, any person with strong aspiration and dedication can engage in…

Peace Education for Youth

Foundation for Buddhist Brotherhood initiates a peace education programme with the National Youth Council and HWPL South Korea for the youth in Sri Lanka. "Sakyamuni Buddha in his teachings emphasised the value of peace and mutual…

Live in Peace Not in Pieces

A peace club was formed today in Sri Parakramabahu Maha Vidyalaya, Colombo. The programme was co-organized by International Peace Youth Group, South Korea and SHE Foundation, Sri Lanka. Dr. Damenda Porage, President of Sri Lankan Tibetan…

Khenpo Loves Children

Gaden Shrtse Khenpo Geshe Jangchup Choeden visited Victoria Balika Girls orphanage recently with the members of Sri Lankan Tibetan Buddhist Brotherhood Society with many gifts for the children. Ms. Kathrine Sumathi and Mr. Philip Lee also…
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